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Metallic Epoxy has two main components, clear epoxy base and a metallic pigment powder. These components are mixed together and when applied, create a glossy and exotic-looking pearlescent effect.

Poured over a solid surface like concrete or wood, the metallic pigments mix through the epoxy as it cures, and can be agitated with a paintbrush or roller to create effects such as swirls, ripples, craters or waves. When the epoxy hardens, these pigments are locked in place, resulting in a beautiful, 3D look.

Skill and installation techniques are critical to attaining the desired effect and feel of the surface, and due to the fluid nature of the metallic pigment suspension, each metallic epoxy coated surface is unique.

Highly Chemical Resistant Metallic epoxy is a chemically inert material after it sets, making it the preferred choice in industrial applications against potential chemical, oil and acid spillages.

100% Seamless Its seamless finishing eliminates the gaps and pores, normally a grout finishing is gathering dirt and over a period of time the potential growth of bacteria and mold.

Non-Toxic Finishing Metallic Epoxy coatings are certified non-toxic is VOC compliant, has no fumes, and no airborne particles allowing for easy installation indoors without the need of a respirator mask.

High Impact and Scratch Resistant Extremely tough, durable and engineered to last for decades, Metallic Epoxy coatings are resistant to impact and scratch from everyday wear and tear in industrial environments with heavy machinery and works. We bring the same durable and long-lasting coatings for commercial and residential use.

Customizable 3D Design From lava-flow or pearlescent designs to marble or wooden themed finishing, Metallic Epoxy coatings are highly customizable to your preferences.

Stain-proof A metallic epoxy coating creates a stain-proof and waterproof layer of protection due to its non-porous properties. It protects against spills, leakages, and moisture, allowing for easy clean-up and protection from damage.

Heat Resistant Metallic epoxy is heat resistant and withstands temperatures of up to 200°C, allowing safe and durable use in industrial and residential environments.

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